Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Magnetic Cleaning

The stupid inventions are always the ones that make tons of money. The hamster ball has made the inventor millions. Do you wish that you had a stupid invention to perfect, patten, and produce? Well, today is your lucky day. I have just such an invention for you, the magnetic windshield cleaning system.

Don't you hate trying to reach your hand down into those hard to reach places on the inside of your car windshield? There has to be an easier way!

Now there is.

The magnetic windshield cleaning system. One magnet with cleaning pad goes on the inside. One magnet goes on the outside. Move the magnet on the outside and magneto-magically the magnet on the inside moves.

Windshields that might have taken up to five minutes to clean before, now take only minutes!

All kidding aside. I think that someone could make a ton of money off of this idea. The same concept has been employed to clean aquariums for years.

Don't be a fool. Make money the magneto-magical way!

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Anonymous said...

Dude! ok this one gets three gold stars. This invention needs to be made right now!

Jennifever said...

A very realistic, simple invention that would totally apply to a consumer's needs. My weak floppy arms get so tired!

Michael said...

I came up with this idea several years ago, and last year I finally decided to try and make one. It took almost a whole year (many obstacles) and a fair amount of money, but I now have a working prototype. In my opinion (and others), it works much better than the either of the two interior windshield cleaning tools sold in stores. Also works great on rear windows of sedans.

Just need an investor/entrepreneur to help develop it on a partnership basis. So, if anyone is interested, please contact me (Michael) @ mickee560@hotmail.com.

Collin Rivera said...

Good postt