Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Angled Pen

I am sorry to say that I am on some sort of strange office supply kick at the moment. I am not sorry to tell you about this idea though.

The angled point pen is what I am putting on the table.

Many people don't know this about me, but I am an artist. I draw and paint. My favorite medium is ink pen on paper. I do alright with the regular pen, but if this angled pen existed, one could hold it like charcoal or conte crayons and use the whole arm to draw, as is recommended by art teachers everywhere.

I think that I made the angle in my prototype graphic slightly greater than it would need to actually be, but I didn't want to risk it not being evident.

If I had this pen to use...

If you had this pen to use...

If this pen existed, imagine what beauty could be brought about. I could use it to create even more amazing works of art than, "Fat Man With Cheese Burger."

Don't you want more beautiful art like this in the world? My favorite brands are Pilot and Uni-Ball, so if you know anyone at either of these companies who designs pens, please tell them about this idea. Otherwise, you could get together the capitol, start your own pen company, make millions, and be my patron.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Think of this pen as the scimitar of pens, sharp and sexy.

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Anonymous said...

wow wee did you draw those... is there a place that someone could see more of your drawings? I checked your site and there is just one thing up... where can I see more?

Anonymous said...

yeah I would like to know as well!

Although I would prefer to experience your drawings in real life. do you have a gallery show or something coming up anytime soon?

It would have to be in the next couple weeks because I'm off to Japan for a 2nd trimester abortion at the beginning of Aug.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I would buy one of these in a second. Though they would probably come in packs of three or six but I would buy a pack in a second.

Anonymous said...

it should be called

IMStrong said...

Who said you could draw my picture? Maybe I don't want everyone seeing my man-breasts and small wee-wee.

Charles McCarthy said...

Who said I couldn't?

Anonymous said...

this actually exists... or at least existed. it was some blue pen with a bent tip to try to help with wrist movements or some bs like that during writing... a big fail in my book. look for it at walmart or any leftovers at a dollar store!

Charles McCarthy said...

Who made it?