Friday, July 25, 2008

Pumping Hearts

Dating shows are very popular. Everyone can get caught up in the frenzy of an episode of MTV's "Next," every episode trashier than the "Next." The key is a finding a new angle to approach love, dating, and the human condition, to serve up the anticipation and drama of a first encounter on a fancy new serving dish.

Guess what I have for you.


Yeah, a fancy new serving dish - dating at the gym.

I would call the show "Pumping Hearts."

Three guys and three girls would be guided through new work out routines, being paired up and split up by the host, a charismatic personal trainer - Greg and Susie on the stairmasters! Trip and Heather doing crunches! Patric and Channel stretching! NOW Switch! You get the idea.

Of course there would be one on one interviews at the water cooler.

Each show would consist of two sets of guys and girls. In the first segment, the girls would compete in a physical challenge to see who gets to pick a partner first, second, and third. In the second segment, the guys would compete.

Finally, all the couples would compete against each other in a physical challenge. The winners get a dream vacation.

Wrap up interviews.

The thing to really push when you are pitching this to your bosses at powerful reality show production companies is the fact that there can be tons of product placement, such as new exercise machines, sports drinks, apparel, supplements and the likes. There could even be guest instructors plugging books and DVDs for aerobics, palates, yoga, or any other new workout craze such as pole dancing.

You can get this going! And...Get it going! Get it going! Lift! Lift! Lift!


Grapevine! Grapevine! Grapevine!

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