Monday, July 7, 2008

Deep Fried Gold

Do you want to open a restaurant? Well, you are going to need a good concept. Guess what. I have one.

Here it is.

A restaurant that only sells deep fried nuggets/bite sized morsels of food. The nuggets are sold by the pound, and everything is the same price per pound. The customer wants a pound of deep fried okra or a pound of deep fried chicken nuggets, it costs the same.

The genius part of this is that a huge amount of the weight of fried foods comes from the oil that they are fried in, and even canola oil is very cost effective.

There would be a staple 10-15 foods that would be on the menu year round along with 5-10 seasonal items that would rotate, deep fried avocado to deep fried tofu, deep fried green beans to deep fried corn nuggets. There would even be deep fried mini candy bars and ice cream for desert. Of course there would be French fries.

I know what you are thinking. Fried food is bad for you. People won't go for it.

Fried food is bad for you, but it tastes soooooo good. People love fried food, and if you tell someone that they can get their favorite fried food on tap every single day, they will show up and drop cash. Plus, it probably wouldn't be that hard to make half the menu vegan, not just vegetarian, but vegan. Those vegans will eat anything vegan no matter how bad it is for them.

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Anonymous said...

True Dat! Every year when the county fair rolls around unless a goat pees on their sock the only thing people talk about when they return is what new deep fried concoction they tried this year. They come from miles around and pay to get in to the fair, not to look at the new spas or watch some pregnant lip liner 15 year old covered in hickies make out with her 26 year old gang banger boyfriend, but for the fried pb & j sandwiches and oreos.

Anonymous said...

possible chain name:
Fry Me to the Moon

Anonymous said...

sea food combo:
Under the Deep Fried Sea

Anonymous said...

Fry Love You

Anonymous said...

I Just want to Fry... and you get that bro from sugar ray to be a partner, he'll do anything

Anonymous said...

ewww Deep Fried 9 (like deep space 9) and that is one piece of each of the 9 nugget styles... like the ultimate sampler plate

John Eje Thelin said...

Essentially, this already exists - alebit in a more prosaic and limited form - all over Scotland, where they will deep fry anything from chicken and burger patties to Mars bars and other candy.

Charles McCarthy said...

Yeah, deep frying food is nothing new, but its the presentation.