Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have to admit that I am probably not the first person to think about this, but since I have so many software developers and venture capitalists reading my blog, I feel like it is my duty to throw it out there and make it happen.

I present to you...the iScratch program for the iPhone.

Imagine a program that would let you use your iPhone touch screen to scratch and mix music on your iPhone.

It could probably be linked to your computer, speakers, etc. via blue tooth if anyone wanted to use it to really perform. Also, users' blue tooth headsets could be incorporated as well as hands-free microphones. Sure you wouldn't get much amplification from your iPhone speakers, but there could be looping and sound modification features. Don't you want to sound like Dr. Claw while you give shout outs to everyone in the laundromat?


Anonymous said...

jean... yes!

Anonymous said...

it would be cool if the program could sync two so you had like duel decks going.... so someone who has the iphone and an ipod touch would be all set

Anonymous said...

yeah and if their mom called during the set on their iphone they could work it into the mix

"did you ya you ya you ya you you you remember to call your sister"

Anonymous said...


Charles McCarthy said...

A voice mail remix capability would be choice.

Anonymous said...

There is a homebrew program for the Nintendo DS called Protien. You can check it out on youtube or the authors website

It's actually a cool little program that can make some nice sounding stuff in the right hands.