Saturday, July 19, 2008

Magical Binder

Have you ever been trying to write something in a three ring binder at 3am in a bog, you don't have a table to sit at, and the binder is on your lap?

Oh, you accidentally spread your legs an inch too wide and the binder folds up and falls through your legs and into the mud.

Okay, maybe you are a lawyer or a teacher and you are always in an office with a desk, but there are other people out there who write in three ring binders and don't always have a nice little desk to sit at.

Lets cut to the chase. I don't have all the plans drawn up, you will have to spend the half hour figuring out the best way to make this a reality, but someone should produce a three ring binder that locks open, creating a rigid plane of productivity.

If someone came up with this binder tripod thing, I think that one of my millions of readers can come up with a binder that will stay open until you want to close it.

Get out there and perfect this, produce it, sell me one, sell a million others, and give me a little bit of money to say thanks.

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Anonymous said...

this would be good at bus stops or sitting in the park writing poems about squirrels.

Charles McCarthy said...

That is true.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck, this one was a pretty easy design. I'll send you schematic drawings if you want.