Saturday, May 3, 2008

Infinite Cell Phone Battery

Why don't we have cell phones that can recharge themselves? I think it is because the cell phone companies want the batteries to die. I think a large number of people just buy a new phone when their battery dies.

I propose two designs. In the first one, the battery would be half the size of a cell phone battery now and the saved space would be replaced with several small generators similar to the one in the everlasting flashlight. They would be oriented in several different directions so that every small movement of the cell phone would in turn result in power being generated. This design works on the same basic concept as the self winding watch. In fact the self winding watch mechanism could possibly be employed and modified into a small generator. The second design would be almost identical to that of the everlasting flashlight. It would simply be one single generator running the entire length of the phone. When the the user needs more power for their battery, they simply shake the phone vigorously for a minute or so.

I am sure that it would be possible to engineer everlasting batteries separate from the actual phone and so create an everlasting battery for every phone on the market.


Unknown said...

Do some basic calculations on this idea. It wont work because the generators do not generate nearly enough power.

Laptop Battery said...

The Infinite cell phone battery is actually much closer than thought, and has begun to surface under the umbrella of nano-technology. Nuclear batteries, algae batteries, atomic batteries, and even the new long lasting Li-Ion technology has allowed paper thin batteries that last up to 20 years. These batteries also degrade at a slower rate than standard batteries, and retain a higher charge for a longer amount of time.

Hill said...

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