Monday, May 19, 2008


This is one idea that you will have to pay me for, if you want to follow through on it. Why? Well, because I own the domain,, so if you want to make the website, you will need to buy the domain from me.

I came up with this idea a while back. Sometimes, when I am trying to come up with ideas, all I do is list several popular or successful services or products and then try to figure out a way to combine them all into one product. This is how was born. born into reality would be the first site to combine an interactive 3-D interface, erotic cheerleader role playing, and cab racing into the most powerful and entertaining online community auction site ever.

Think of the excitement! Who doesn't want to race around a virtual town picking up sexy cheerleaders, making friends, and finding great auction items to bid on around every corner? Learn cheers from the cheerleaders. Pick up fares for extra points. Tip your cabby to get him to go faster or "stop short". Pillow fights and strip poker in the back seat are never out of the question. Get an Oster blender for the right price, while finding out if Cindy is wearing bloomers. Watch out for that pot hole!

Consider the bidding for this domain name now open! Why would you want to be on the cutting edge, when you could be drawing the dotted line?

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Owen Carpenter said...

Hi thankks for sharing this