Monday, May 5, 2008

Golden Girls Reunion Special

I know Sophia (Estelle Getty) has dementia and is no longer acting, but what better setting for a reunion show than a funeral.

Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche come together one last time at Sophia's funeral. Closed casket. She was hit by a bus.

The girls talk about their lives. Drama between children and grandchildren leads to wake and funeral hijinx. Rose says something about using marbles instead of quarters to weigh down the dead persons eyelids in St. Olaf. Blanche has sex with the minister, who, by the way, drives a Porche. Dorothy looks on disapprovingly. The will is read. Sophia asks for her ashes to be spread over her native Sicily, sending the girls on a Mediterranean cruise.

On the cruise, Dorothy is seasick, Rose finds new uses for life jackets, and Blanche has sex with the Captain, who, by the way, drives a Ferrari. There is obviously extreme potential for a Golden Girls/Love Boat crossover at this point. I think that a cameo by Ted Lange, a.k.a. Isaac the bartender is inevitable.

The girls rediscover their friendship and have some laughs along the way. They spread Sophia's ashes and hug, bathed in a deep red glow of the setting sun.

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ernaisha said...

blanche should also have sex with isaac. who, by the way, makes his drinks with roofies.