Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Love Desilu

Don't ask me why, but I have been watching "Dancing With The Stars" on ABC, and even though Cristian de la Fuente did not win the trophy, I would have to say that he is the big winner in the end. His star stock just jumped 3000% in my book.

What is he going to do with this new cache? I don't know. What should he do? He should get his agent on the phone and have his agent throwing this idea out and around Hollywood as hard as he can. His agent should be spoon feeding this idea down peoples throats, not like a plane going into the hanger, but like a jet crashing into a mountain.

So what's the big idea?

He and his agent and any minor minion they can get on board should be pushing for Christian to star in a new TV show called "I Love Desilu," or possibly simply "Desilu," a dramedy along the lines of "30 Rock" meets "John Adams" meets, of course, "I love Lucy."

The show would follow the personal and professional missteps and accomplishments of the stars and staff at Desilu productions during the groundbreaking six season run of the original "I love Lucy" TV show. The original show made historic technological and stylistic advancements that are well documented in television history. Also well documented, is the beautifully rocky relationship between Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. You can't tell me that there isn't a show that people will watch here.

I would cast Alyson Hannigan as Lucy. I think she has the comedic and dramatic acting chops to pull it off, and I think that with a little makeup and some hair plucking, pulling, curling, combing, and folding, she will be a dead ringer for the Lucy that we all love.

In my opinion, the show should run no more than six seasons, the same amount of time the original show ran. It will give the show more weight, quality, and respect. There is money to be made in DVD and download sales. The great part is that the DVDs can be packaged with DVDs of the original episodes, first season, first season.

It is all up to you Cristian de la Fuente. You can be the next Desi Arnaz. You can be bigger than him. This is my gift to you. I have served it up on a silver platter. Eat it. Get out there and beat some bongo drums. Shake your hips. Shout. Be so sexy that nothing can stop you.

Also, you might want to practice shouting, "Luuusay!"

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