Friday, May 23, 2008

Clean Keyz

Look at your computer. Is it dirty? Do you feel like you just bought that laptop and now it looks like someone rubbed their skid-marked undies all over it?

Do you want to start a business that will require a very small initial investment, have low overhead, be easy to franchise, hard to screw up, and will make money like diamonds pooping gold? If you answered yes, then you my friend should start a computer and PDA cleaning and detailing service and call it, ohhhh, let's say Clean Keyz?

Do you want to make money?

Why haven't you stopped reading this and started trying to borrow money?

All you need is a quick turnaround time, and quality customer service. Supplies and materials for this type of operation would be very cheap, and finding employable emlpoyees shouldn't prove too difficult.

You can clean everything from laptops to phones. I have seen some dirty phones in my day...Not that kind of dirty.

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