Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dog Trading Business

Some people are paying to have their dogs walked, babysat, watched, kept, and kenneled. Some people are paying to rent dogs to walk, pet, cuddle, kiss, and love, but only for a short and finite time. Why not bring these two groups together? Here is the long and short of the idea: a dog watching business and a dog rental business, one in the same. You rent the dogs that people are paying you to watch.

How great is this idea? One group of people is paying for a service that another group of people is paying to perform. The best part is that both groups of people get what they want. Moreover, the people paying for their dog to be watched are getting their dog watched by someone who genuinely cares and loves that dog (for a short and finite amount of time) instead of a disgruntled kennel employee making minimum wage and bored off his ass, willing to stick anything anywhere to pass the time.

Your name doesn't have to be Tom Sawyer to make this business work. If you live in NYC don't not make this idea a reality.

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