Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Boy Meets Blogger

I am sure that all of you, my millions of fans, will remember that a while back I had an idea for a reality show staring me. Well, yeah, I know I have tons of ideas, so if you don't remember, you can click here.

Unfortunately for the viewing public, and all those would be reality show moguls nothing has come of this idea...yet.

But, since I let that idea float out into the world, like a Scooby Doo shaped mylar balloon spiraling to the heavens, I have been in contact with a bloggirl (that's pronounced blog-girl not blo-girl) named Molly McAleer or Molls. If you have been paying attention, you know she interviewed me for her web show, The Molls Show.

Now, I never met Kurt Vonnegut, but I can't imagine him not accusing me of having a brain to big for my own good. Thoughts started to swirl through my brain, thought of some sort of show about me and Molly hitting the mean streets of Hollywood like Laverne and Shirley, trying to make it our way, but in Hollywood, not Milwaukee. Well, these thoughts just kept swirling around in my brain until I finally told Molly about them...

YOU GUYS GOT LUCKY! She liked the idea, and together we came up with this:

Title: Boy Meets Blogger
Genre: Reality
Logline: The Hills meets Real World: Season 1 meets the Internet.

Back Story:

Molly McAleer and I were brought together by a plot line ripped from the pages of a terrible romantic comedy script.

Molly saw a flier for my website, took a picture of it, and made fun of me for it on her blog MollsSheWrote. She said that I was clearly just some guy trying to get a book deal by using budget fliers with quaint hand-drawn illustrations. My friend Mack saw her post and sent it to me along with this message, "This girl saw your ad. She is famous on the internet."

I found Molly on Twitter, and asked her if she had even looked at my website. She hadn't, so I bugged her until she checked it out.

When she finally really read my site and discovered that I am pretty famous on the internet too, she asked to interview me for her web show. I said yes, and made her a $5000 tshirt to show that there were no hard feelings.

We finally met in real life, hit it off, and discovered that we had a lot in common... way too much in common...


Boy Meets Blogger would be about internet personalities, Chuck McCarthy and Molly McAleer teaming up to create new, high concept blogs (think and other internet projects in an attempt to land a book deal or something even bigger...

Research for these new blogs would take them from the mean streets of LA to Hollywood clubs, dive bars, and car parks and everywhere in between, while revealing the day to day drama of their lives that will whip audiences into a frenzy of speculation over their relationship... Is there something more than friendship there?

Yeah? Yeah? Yeah, I know, pure gold right? This show has the two things that people are looking for these days, web ties and awesomeness.

Take this idea and run with it! Make it happen! If you need something to pass around to get people excited about this, you can send them

P.S. Subscribe to ideas by chuck before there are too many people on the internet and we stop letting people in.

P.P.S. Go Go Lucky Pants! You know what I am talking about.

P.P.P.S. Have you checked out

P.P.P.P.S. I am on twitter now. @ideasbychuck. I promise that even my inane chatter is still fairly amusing.


Anonymous said...

WoW Wee!
I feel like all TV lately is me just biding my time until they finally fuckin come through with the second season of R. Zoe Project or as I call it Almost Taradise... but this show looks like it could be my return to appointment television

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Looks like it would tickle my brain while warming my cockles.

Good God I need that right now.

Oh man Bravo should give NeNe and Greg Leaks thier spin off and back to back it with Boy Meets Blogger I don't even want to get into all the ways these two shows whould pair well.

Anonymous said...

No. I see this on E! but they would have to change their name to E!!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Boy Meets World and constantly j.o. to visions of me cumming in Topanga's hair. Then I'd be sitting behind her in that mustach guy's class and watch her hand get caught up as she tried to run it through her mop... and as she struggled to get it untaggled I would feel the rush of a million battlefield victories!

If Molly gets extentions I will for sure tune in for Boy Meets Blogger.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Kurt Vonnegut would be proud to be a part of this post and it's not until now that I realized how much he doesn't seem like a Kurt.

Anyways it also reminds me that I've always wanted someone to make T-shirts with the illustrations from Breakfast of Champions on them. I think they would make good shirts. All those Femke Jannsens can wear them to Intelligentsia and they wouldn't have to tote around those pesky books to justify thier right to buy coffee there.

Anonymous said...

If you buy a Smart Water at Intelligentsia you become too smart for your own good and are rendered pretty much useless. It's call the Langan effect.

Anonymous said...

Poor Molly. She's probably still trying to clean off the shit smell and find a lice treatment strong enough to handle having been in the same vicinity as your sorry ass. Rot in hell you fucking loser.

Charles McCarthy said...

Haha. Thanks dude. You know... hell IS where all the sluts will be. Just something to think about.

handout said...

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