Monday, February 9, 2009

Ideas By Chuck Reality Show

This one kind of speaks for its self, but I will expound.

Picture this: "MythBusters" meets "The Apprentice" meets "I'm With Busey," but more interesting and sexy.

Cameras would follow me around through my depressing yet interesting daily life, while a team of producers, lawyers, businessmen, and scientists are hard at work trying to make money off of my ideas. It's a juxtaposition kind of thing.

I wouldn't get any real cash from the show unless one or more of my ideas proves to be lucrative. This is probably leading some of you to think that if the show is a hit, I should get some money since it was my idea in the first place. True, but I would make an exception for the actual show, though I do want a creator credit.

What makes me think that my life is interesting enough to carry a reality show?

Well, I live in Hollywood, which seems to be where most reality shows take place. I might not be Paris Hilton, but I have seen her limo, and I know where Club Hyde is. Yep, I live in Hollywood, so you can check that off your list. Hollywood: Check!

I work on TV shows and commercials and write and produce my own internet shows and commercials, and I could name about a dozen shows on TV right now that are about either TV shows or advertising agencies (if any producers of Mad Men are watching, I look good in bell bottoms and could have the most amazing mustache for a guest spot on Mad Men). Interesting job: Check!

I am an artist. I draw, paint, and write music. More importantly, people buy my art and love my music... love it... love. Superstar artist: Check!

I have interesting friends. Sure, everyone thinks that they have interesting friends, but do you have friends who have started a new carnocentric holiday season? Do you have friends who destroy the morning show circuits with awesomecore like my old band mates the Attractive Eighties Women? Do you have friends who have built their own villages, done photo shoots with America's Next Top Model winners, or travel the world just trying to have sex with women? Well, I do have these friends. I don't know why I have any friends at all, but I do, and they are pretty interesting and so hawt! Hawt friends: Double Check!

I even have my own clothing line, drawnika. Check it out at You are pretty much a loser out here in Hollywood if you don't have your own clothing line. Clothing line: Check!

Sorry for tooting my own horn, but if you aren't going to toot your own horn, what is the point of having your own reality show? Right?

Toots own horn: Check! Check! Check!

Pluses for the producers:

1. I already have a pretty strong web presence and a good amount of content built up.

2. Any products that I have invented will get advertising before they even hit the market, and fans of the show will want to support my ideas, that is if they like me.

3. Picking a guy out of obscurity is sensational, and the show will definitely get some pretty good free publicity. Plus, there are sure to be bloggers going nuts either with praise or hatred for a fellow blogger plucked from the crowd.

4. My ideas are good.

5. Women and gay men ages 45-60 love me.

If you don't jump on this, you will be asked to leave the tribe (that was a reference to Survivor and not Judaism).

P.S. Subscribe to my blog. The more people that subscribe, the more subscribers I will have.

P.P.S. Floss daily.


Anonymous said...

I got a little nibble of your tv persona on CNN and immediately wanted to eat the whole block of cheese!

I would definitely tivo this show every week and watch it while I was on my elliptical machine

Anonymous said...

here is another web tie in for the show... on reality shows they usually have one or more of the subjects do a blog on the channels sit (bravo)

since this is a show based on a blog maybe the additional tie in can be a portion of the site called Chuck's in box and sent box where viewers can read some of your bizzarre and thoroughly amusing cover letters and emails for jobs as well as the crackpots with their own ideas that must email you regularly

Anonymous said...

how about another element of the show is that over the course of the season a pilot for one of your show ideas is being produced so it's sort of like a project green light type vibe but it's web tv.

instead of freaking out that it rains on the day you have permits for the exterior of city hall you face problems like your actress that agreed to show her boobs the one day you borrowed the camera had to cover someone else's shift at applebee's

Anonymous said...

yes! there can be heated phone conversations like

chuck: can't you just say no? I mean it's last minute

tara: I can't get out of it because it's for vennessa and she covered like 3 of my shifts when i had my abortion and took my shift the day after the super bowl when i had that bad queso. Why don't we just shoot it the day after?

chuck: I can't I'm working driving canadian ad executives around for the weekend and monday is the last day i will have that camera. Can we shoot it at chili's like in the stock room or something?

tara: i don't think the people at chili's would be into that considering i work at applebee's

chuck: whatever. we can shoot it in the freezer at applebee's

tara: you're going to get me fired and i can't miss one payment on my mustang or my dad will freak

chuck: let's just shoot it tuesday and we will use the camera on your laptop instead

tara: ok

now that's some fuckin' tv.... fuck off grey's anatomy

Anonymous said...

you need a roommate that is a struggling actress or something because reality shows seem to be filled with struggling actors

Anonymous said...

I really like this last respondent's idea Chuck. And I love all your ideas. Any time you have the ambition to develop these ideas into something tangible and viable, please let me know. I have $8000 of spending power remaining on my credit card and I would happily be your struggling actress/actor in a reality tv show (with or without make-up) and would be absolutely positively sure to bring lots of lotion!

Anonymous said...

Dude, forget reality show, get
a reality ..check! You're boring,
talentless and whats even worse, you think otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Dude, go a head and do it yourself! All you need is a camera, editing software, a youtube account, cool friends, and some passion. Good stuff will eventually gets noticed.

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