Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bucket List The TV Show

I haven't seen "The Bucket List," starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, nor do I want to see it. I almost needed a bucket to throw up in after seeing the trailer.

I appreciate both actors. Morgan Freeman is one of the only people in the world who can convincingly pull off a braided leather belt and jeans, and I don't think I need to make up any excuses for liking Jack Nicholson.

This might sound a little "Andy Rooney," but, I don't want to see two actors portray characters going around doing things that they wanted to do before dying, especially not actors that I know have done or will get to do everything that they could ever want.

But, what I would like to see is real old people doing crazy things that they wanted to do before they "kick the bucket."

Each episode a group of senior citizens would get a chance to live out one of their life long desires, like sky diving, riding horses on the beach, visiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, meeting the President, and other things old people want to do.

If you wanted to make it a little more dramatic, you could choose 5 people who wanted to go sky diving, and 5 people who wanted to read poetry in front of an audience, and make all 10 of them do both things.

The people who aren't scared of jumping out of a plane might be scared to get up in front of an audience, and the other way around.

If you wanted to make it really crazy dramatic, you could take 10 people, each one with a different experience that they wanted to have before "kicking the bucket," and make them all do all 10 things.

You get the right group of crotchety yet lovable old people traveling the world and fighting over who gets the arm rest, and you my friend, will have a hit show. People love old people, and they are great for reality TV because they will say anything, have strong opinions, and many times have no purpose in life, just like every single person that has ever been on the Real World since Season 3.

If you are pitching this and someone says, "No one wants to watch a bunch of old people," hit these points:

1. Golden girls - HIT Show!
2. Rudy from Season 1 of Survivor - HIT Show!
3. Andy Rooney - HIT Show!
4. Talk Sex with Sue Johansen - HIT Show!
5. Larry King Live - Hit Show!

I think Bam Margera would make the best host for this. He has proven himself as a host, he has mass appeal, and he is good with old people.

People love old people! You love your grandma don't you? Get out there and pitch or produce a TV show that she will love! Maybe she will stop asking what happened to "Murder She Wrote."

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P.P.P.S. I didn't say Bam Margera should be the host just because I found that picture.


Anonymous said...

I think maybe Bam and Betty White co-hosting would make a nice combo. A little sexual tension never hurt any show.

Charles McCarthy said...

True. True. What about Jone Rivers, like in the picture?

Anonymous said...

I like this idea sir and I'll tell you why it will work.

It seems a good portion of advertising now is for medications and a good portion of those are for older people who want to "enjoy life again" in some capacity, whether it's by getting a boner or riding mountain bikes with Cody and Jordan.

My point is that the show has the same message as the commercials and that synergy is what makes it so easy to sell.

In the age of tivo ad/programing synergy is almost mandatory and worth it's weight in gold.

Anonymous said...

As usual, another great idea by Chuck, but I'm just worried some of them will be dead by the time their parachute lands.

Old people are F-R-A-I-L.

Alan said...

I am just enough of a putz to admit, I would watch this. "reality" shows are todays tabloid, NOBODY claims to watch them but they all are hits! I admit it, I wanna watch Bucket List on TV!

Alan said...

And I love the horrible Bam and Betty White sexual tension.