Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vibrating Yoga Ball

As always, I have not done a patent check, or super extensive research, but if my trusty friend google stays true, this has not been invented, or in the very least, is not on the market yet.

That said, if none of you take this idea and make millions off of it, I will lose faith in what I am doing. I will give up on this blog and move to Colorado to work as swing-set repair man.

Here is the idea.

Everyone loves yoga balls. They are great to do sit-ups and other exercises on, and they are great when it comes to stretching out your back. Stretching is important for muscle recovery and overall body health. A gentle massage is also beneficial to muscles etc. I am just talking out of my ass here, but I am sure that you can go dig up about a thousand studies that will back me up.

Why not combine the yoga ball with a massager?


I thought of a couple of different ways to do this, though you might be able to come up with a better design.

What I came up with is a vibration cradle for the ball to sit in. This way the cradle can plug into the wall, but you can still take the ball off the cradle and use it for exercises that need more ball movement.

I also think that the best way to make the ball vibrate is with a powerful deep bass speaker. This way, if you chose, the unit could interface with your computer, iPod, or iPhone, and vibrate to the beats of your favorite underground dark side London bass dance vampire trance music, while you stretch or work out.

I really think that this is a great idea. If you take this and make this, you will become a millionaire, possibly a billionaire. It would be great if you could send me some of that money. Just a little bit. I need to hire a personal trainer.

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Charles McCarthy said...

By the way, pink is the official work out color of the world.

Anonymous said...

vibrating appliances for woman disguised as health and beauty products sell themselves.... someone should jump on this idea cos woman will be lining up to jump on it once they buy it

Anonymous said...

vibration really does stimulate your muscles which the balance ball is meant to stretch in the first place and speeds up cell replacement.... so says susan lucci in that infomercial for the "face massager"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

with the vibrating balance ball holder they should have a new balance ball DVD that first has those katie couric type happy fitness woman guiding you through the work out the way they normally do THEN when it's time for "cool down" you put your balance ball in this vibrating holder and a dude comes on and talks you through your eyes closed cool down.

Anonymous said...

that is a good idea last commentor. In fact there should be a whole series of DVD that have work out guides that are more motivating than these "courics" as you call them. So each person can pick DVDs hosted by someone that will be most motivating to them. I know I would work out much harder if i heard someone yelling "DID YOU SEE HOW HARD IT WAS FOR YOU TO GET OUT OF THE BACK SEAT OF THAT HONDA CIVIC TODAY TUBS! JESUS CRIST FATTY PRETTY SOON THERE WILL BE MAKES OF CARS YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO RIDE IN ALL TOGETHER!"

so if people need that to push them that is available. Maybe those who like the muscley kind of guys would be more motivated if they were staring at one of them guiding the work out.

for others watching a woman with a perfect body may work best but they should add an element where while she is doing lunges she tells a story about how the guy at starbucks gave her her coffee for free or how even though she barely does anything everyone at work treats her than the hog in HR

Anonymous said...

I agree!
The rest and breath part between sets they should also encourage you to grab a handful of fat on different areas of your body, then when you move into the next exercise you will do so with the will and furry of a thousand lions!!!

Anonymous said...

i meant "treats her BETTER than that hog in HR".... sorry I get excited about fitness and type too fast

Anonymous said...

The only use for that giant vibrating ball is round-incognito-Sybian.

Anonymous said...

Swingset repairman seems like a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

could the ball be scented like armpit sweat? that way you don't have to work out so hard to feel like you've accomplished something. your body heat would activate those familiar odours of physical activity and trigger an immediate feeling of satisfaction (as if you're really pushing your body). that extra encouragement would really go a long way.

or bacon. it could smell like bacon.

Charles McCarthy said...

Good ideas.

Or, if the ball smelled like ice cream, it might be hard to get some people off of it.

Anonymous said...

what if the ball had a giant dick attached to it for baggy moms?

Robot Nine said...

Hey there Chuck, and thanks for the great ideas on my blog. Sometimes I am an everything but the kitchen sink guy and your idea about editing down for speed and clarity and the best choices was superb. You trulay are the man of ideas. Alan

Robot Nine said...

Hmm, I had to go back and peruse that again after reading the comments. Damn, a GIANT vibrating ball. I can hear my girlfriend already- "Honey, I never use it, I exercised with it BEFORE I met you". Right.