Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frankenstein's Feelings Blog

I have been writing this blog of mine, Ideas By Chuck, for about four months now. My ideas have been called genius by several publications. I have been on the radio twice (1st time 2nd time) to discuss my ideas, and I have an upcoming interview in Inventors Digest.


I still haven't seen any progress on any of my ideas from you. I would think that one of my billions of readers would have the resources, the guts, the drive, or the desperation to take one of my ideas and make it reality.

I am not trying to make you feel bad. I have no right to try to make you feel bad. After all, I haven't made any of my ideas reality.

I think I just need to give you guys something totally doable, something I have done, because I know that once one person takes one of my ideas and has success with it, everyone will be racing to make all my other ideas reality.

Does that make sense?

Baby steps.

Here is the idea.

I came up with the idea for another blog called Frankenstein's Feelings. It would be more of a traditional blog outlining daily events, but written in Frankenstein's voice. No more than one paragraph. Here is a sample blog entry:

"Frankenstein go to mall. Mall crowded. Make Frankenstein mad! Frankenstein go to Foot Locker. Girl at Foot Locker cute. Frankenstein never get cute girl like her. Frankenstein like Cinnabon."

Each blog entry would be accompanied by a childlike drawing of something from the day.

I could totally write this blog, but I have too many other blogs to keep up, and I don't have any feelings, nor do I ever leave my apartment.

I checked on the domain FrankensteinsFeelings.com - totally available. If you want to help me out, you can even get your web hosting and domain registration from these guys - Globat.com I am trying to get them to pay me money.

You write this blog. You make blog big hit... Fire BAD!

P.S. You can still subscribe to Ideas By Chuck. Just click here.

P.P.S. If you start Frankenstein's Feelings, having a big link to Ideas By Chuck would be the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

blog inspired blog is the best kind of blogging any blogger could blog

Anonymous said...

Frankenstein shouldn't blog on saturdays though cos he's orthodox

Anonymous said...

hey chuck if you never leave your apartment how did you know about Venessa working at Foot Locker?

Also I used to work with her cousin at Hot Topic before I got the job as merch manager at Clair's, anyways she knows her cousin Gabrielle knows I know you and he told me that she was asking if I knew if you were seeing anybody.

she said it was because she thought she saw you at Kendra's party with this girl she thought she recognized from when she was briefly enrolled in estition school and she wanted to get back in touch with the girl because she was thinking about getting extentions and forgot the place this girl had told her to go. She said she really need to know because she would rather work at Hot Dog on a Stick than ever get her hair cut at Carlton again after that chunky highlight debacle last may.

anyways I think that was just an excuse, I think she was just fishing to find out if you're single.... anyways I would move on that quick dude because she just gave her two weeks and got a job at the MAC store, MAC Makeup not Mac Genius and there is really no reason for you to go in there without being obvious.... Also once she starts there she'll probably start looking like a tranny like all the other girls that work there... i guess my point is I like cinebon too

Charles McCarthy said...

I think you might have me mistaken for someone else.

But, more importantly, I am very proud of my reader who has taken the initiative, spent the $6, and started Frankenstein's Feelings.

That's right, Frankenstein's Feelings is up and running. I even put a link to it on Ideas By Chuck.

I look forward to reading about how Frankenstein's day went, and seeing Frankenstein's drawings.

I know that with a little hard work, and some bad relations with coworkers to add drama, Frankenstein's Feelings is going to be a big hit.

Robot Nine said...

Of course some wise-ass- not myself- but some wise-ass will soon point out that the blog should be titled FrankensteinsMonstersFeeling. Damn wise-ass.

Anonymous said...

no no I'm not mistaking you for someone else at all, she said you were wearing "slammin' kicks" and described the quaff and quality of your beard and how you had a giant bag of Cool Ranch and were reading the profile on the back in voice of Paul Giamatti as John Adams talking to Laura Linney as Abby A.... i'm pretty sure it was you... i could be wrong though

I was wrong about Sept 10th... close, but wrong

Charles McCarthy said...

Yeah, I think it is someone else.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of "Orthockings"? They would be stockings with orthitics in the bottom. Just pull them on and go.

Anonymous said...

How about short sleave suit coats? I have seen the fashion world come up with that yet.

Charles McCarthy said...

I think the socks thing might be a pretty good idea.

Temperamental said...

lol! I love that Frankenstein idea. Hope someone takes you up on it. n im sorry for taking so long to reply, i was on a trip. how can i add you on blogger?

Temperamental said...

It doesn't work! There isn't "add link"