Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pickpocket In Your Pocket

"Please, Sir, I want some more... interesting and interactive video games that might help me meet people rather than curl up into a ball of fat and self pity on my couch."

-Oliver Twist (kinda)

Most games are more fun to play with other people. Computers have become pretty good at playing with us, but are not as much fun to tease and cajole with before and after. It's this comradery and social interaction that makes playing games with others more fun, even if you don't quite know your opponent, through game play, you get to know them.

“Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away.”

-Eric Berne (some Canadian guy)

Recently I have been playing a lot of Tetris on my phone (high score on Ultra - 20,092). It keeps me from calling and texting people obsessively when I am alone and lonely. If only I could play Tetris while drunk, if only.

Tons of people play video games on their phones now. In fact, almost everyone with a cell phone has a game on it that they play. The sad thing is, most people play these games when they are alone in a crowd, when they are sitting in a waiting room or on a bus, train, plane, or boat surrounded by dozens of other people.

What if there was a video game that helped people interact?

Here is the idea: A pickpocket video game that would detect other players in a certain radius of the player, via bluetooth. Players would collect money and items that other players would try to steal out from under their noses.

I could spend all day telling you various ideas for rules such as 'puzzle protectors' and 'guard dogs' to make it more exciting etc. but that would take ALL DAY. However, one aspect of the game that might make it more interesting, and would make it more profitable for the video game distributor would be the fact that people would actually pay minuscule amounts of money like five to ten cents for the items in their virtual purse or wallet.

This doesn't seem like much money? If Apple had loaded a game like this onto every iPhone for free from the beginning, there would be around 45 million people out there playing this game. If each one of those people decided to buy a virtual iPhone to put in their virtual pocket for 10cents each... Yeah, $4.5 million.

This kind of game could be designed to work on almost any phone on the market, and almost every phone on the market now has bluetooth built in for headset communication. Of course this kind of idea could easily be adapted to an existing game such as World of Warcraft, as some sort of add on.

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Anonymous said...

you got things all ass backward boy.... Drunk dialing is the best thing to come out of the invent and popularization of the cellular telephone.

I'm surprised there isn't an easy and hugely popular method or software that everyone uses to download drunken voicemails so they can email and post them.... or store them for blackmail purposes or use them as a way to fun-up your edgy but adorable best man speech at kevin's wedding

Anonymous said...

I agree! never snuff obsession or it's fun time partner compulsion!!!!

if darwin wasn't obsessive we wouldn't have that cool drawing of that monkey man standing up and subsequent adidas ads of him eventually wearing shoes

if van gogh wasn't obsessive and into whores he wouldn't have cut off his ear which probably made his other senses like seeing and painting heightened... and i don't even want to imagine a world where my mom doesn't have a van gogh on her coffee mug, do you? YUCK

If Yolanda Saldivar wasn't obsessive we'd still be enduring Selena's music and the world might have never been introduced to the sweet smell of Sunkissed Glow the new fragrance by JLo

if white woman weren't collectively obsessed with Oprah american publishing would be dead and we would be one step closer to Fahrenheit 451... but we wouldn't know what that even meant

Celebrate your OCD every day in every way!

Anonymous said...

Another great Idea Chuck!
I feel like this would work best as a modern day cloak and dagger lazer tag kind of thing... where you are always playing.... do people still do second life?... this could be a way to bring it into their first life

Anonymous said...

From all your loyal readers. Happy one year birthday to

So many great ideas in just one year! I can't even imagine how good the ones you decide not to give away are.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Happy Birthday to your site. I've enjoyed it immensely these last few months ever since my son sent me a link to the choc-o-lock box post with a note saying "so you can stop pissing away Dad's money at Curves and you guys can help me get my car fixed." He's a caution.

Anyway, I hope someone baked you a cake with those adorable trick candles that don't blow out.

Those are always such a hoot.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to see someone when they realize that they are trick candles, whip out their penis and piss the candles out.... pretend like they were panicked that the house was going to catch on fire cos the candles weren't going out.

It's not just because I want to see a penis either okay. I have $145 dollars in my bank account I can see a penis whenever I want. I just think it would be funny to ruin a cake. That's all I meant.

Anonymous said...


I saw in your P.P.P.P.S. that you have a micro-blog which makes this blog a mommy so I thought I would wish you a Happy Mothers Day.

It's the hardest job in the world isn't it?

Charles McCarthy said...

Thank you. It has been one year since I started ideas by chuck.

I hope someone makes lots of money off of one of my ideas soon.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday ideasbychuck! do you realize you share it with another VIP? Lovely Lily. Does this mean you get to celebrate Mothers Day Too?