Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Headset

This idea is like a very, very, very good brownie recipe. I am basically just telling you the ingredients for success. You don't have to go find a secret ingredient. You don't have to learn a new way to bake the brownies. All you have to do is go get the ingredients and bake them up into the best selling brownies the church bake sale has ever seen, singlehandedly raising the money for the youth group's missionary trip to Belize.

To tell you the truth, I almost didn't put this up as an idea because it feels very simple and specific to TV/Film production, but then I thought back to my Magical Binder idea, which took the world by storm, and I had to share this with the masses as well.

When most people here the two words, "walkie" and "talkie" together, they think about toys in the shape of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers or Hello Kitty with an average life span of about four days and a range from here to the Smith's backyard, but there are people who still use walkie talkies in real life, to do real work. I am one of them.

In TV/Film production we use big, bulky, serious walkie talkies. The walky talkies we use make effective weapons, withstand serious abuse at the hands of some very cranky people, and will pull your pants down if you aren't wearing a belt.

Here is the idea: a bluetooth adapter for walkie talkies that would allow you to use your bluetooth headset with the walkie talkie.

There are several different headset options for the walkie talkies we use. Some are clunky and make you look like Janet Jackson or a drive through manager at McDonald's, while others are much less clunky but make you feel like you have just been plugged into the Matrix. I want a bluetooth solution.

I know the technology exists out there to make this happen, so go make this happen. If you create a bluetooth adapter, send me one. I will make sure that you sell a bunch of them right off the bat through my connections in the world of TV/Film production as well as sexy ninjas.

Also, remember, if you make a lot of money off of this idea, you should send me some of that money. It will make you feel good. Remember Edgar Allen Poe's tale, "The Telltale Heart."

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P.P.S. Isn't that ninja sexy?

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Unknown said...

so why hasn't this happened already? Im waiting. I keep getting tangled up in my string and I need my cup so I can get a drink of water while daydreaming about being a sexy ninja.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! but these have uses other than for film sets... what about the music playlists on iphones or ipods. people can be listening to the sweet sweet sounds of Jeffery Osborne in one ear while strolling through the mall then click over to take a call.

you are right! wires are so early century

Anonymous said...

looking at your beautiful walkie talkie collage made me think two things:

a- I want those Santa Walkie Talkies

b- the Walkie Talkie headset could be used for baby monitors!!!

while the baby sleeps dreaming in shapes and colors, mom doesn't need to be tied to one room with the monitor to make sure the SIDs monster isn't lurking around the crib.
Mom can put the bluetooth walkie talkie headset on and roam freely from the kitchen to the laundry room to the garden to the old nursery (from when the SIDs monster came around before) that has been converted into scrapbooking room and storage for dad's cross bow hunting gear.

Anonymous said...


The slogan for the baby monitor bluetooth can be.
Baby Blue

Having kids takes away your freedom, Baby Blue is giving you it back.

Anonymous said...


Your children already stole you freedom, don't let the SIDs monster steal your children. Don't be a victim. Baby Blue.

Anonymous said...

Even if the Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Headset is only for the tv/film sets it's still a great idea.

No matter how niche, a good idea is a good idea

They only made one flux capacitor for one car but it change the corse of history.

Anonymous said...

That is one sexy ninja!

But a sexy ninja is like a day glow paint job on a stealth aircraft.

Anonymous said...

Well it is here now!
They just need a retailer, who's it going to be?

Unknown said...

Headset USA made me a bluetooth adapter that allows me to use any bluetooth headset with a bluetooth PTT button that I can connect anywhere. It plugs into my Motorola Walkie Talkie head phone jack.

PBW said...

I think it already came and went. The Callpod Dragon V2 allowed 2 BT ear pieces to connect and communicate. DISCONTINUED

Anonymous said...

This is coming out in April or May. I work with Local 52 in NYC as an electrician and have been looking for a good waiting for some time as well. I actually stumbled upon this product because the company also makes Bluetooth intercoms for motorcycles which are the best on the market.
If you're on a stage you could leave your walkie on a table and be rigging lights in the grid with just your Bluetooth earpiece and the PTT remote they provide. Can't wait for this to go on sale.

Take Care,

Christian May
IATSE Local 52 NYC

Unknown said...