Friday, October 10, 2008

Get Together

This another one of my more socially conscious ideas, so if you are looking to get rich quick off of this one, you might as well stop reading now.

I am sick of the whole Red State/Blue State country divided 24 Hour News Channel marketing scheme that is actually doing as much to polarize Americans than any of the real issues. People are buying into the idea that the 300+ million people who live in our country can be broken down into the limited color pallet of a box of crayons from IHOP missing several colors, lost to a bowl of grits and a four year old Willy Wonka wannabe.

Of course it isn't just maps that are creating this disconnect, this divide between small town and small apartment, homegrown and homeboy, urban and noodlin, but the maps are important place to start if we really want to come together as a country. If you look at a map of the 2004 election not drawn up by Fox News or CNN's Best Political Team On Television®, you will see that our country is still essentially purple. Plum and mauve are much harder colors to rally around. Most people don't even know what mauve is.

We need to return to maps that actually reflect what is going on in this country, maps that don't discount people and try to break things down into absolutes, black and white, red and blue.

Write to FOX, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and any of the others that might have left out. Tell them to keep the Red and Blue maps in the closet, at least until election night.

The truth is, we are all much more alike than we want to admit, both inside and outside of the voting booth, so don't cling to a color before or after this election. Instead, remember that we are stronger indivisible than divisible, and none of us should be invisible(sorry, I couldn't resist).

The place for blues and reds in our country is on our flag, together. After all, if these colors did run, more people would know about the color mauve, and we would get even less respect around the world.

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Anonymous said...

everyone knows what mauve is... its that color your grandma uses when she wants to bust out and do "fun" dolies and runners to match that flower in the pattern on Martha Gene's couch

Anonymous said...

remember when you step grandma moved into your gramdpa's house and in the valley and did the entire house i mauve accents? where the fuck did she find that mauve hose?

Anonymous said...

hi chuck I was just scanning your blog real quick and I saw that you were soliciting problems to doll out advice or something along those lines, like i said i just scanned it.

here's my problem: my boyfriend can't cum unless he poops on my pee and then I spit on it... also snot and tears and this all can only take place a certain few days of the month as well. Do you think there is something wrong with him? some sort of illness?

I've asked all my friends and most semi-strangers that show any sort of interest in anything i'm saying but no one really knows what to make of it. The checker at the market seemed to be in disbelief and just kept say "really? really?"


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