Friday, September 5, 2008

Toothpaste Gum

I'm sure some of you are already shaking your heads.

Many gums have been released with claims that they will clean your teeth and that chewing gum is good for your teeth.

There is some truth to this. Chewing gum can knock loose food particles stuck between your teeth, and encourages your mouth to generate saliva etc., but in the end, chewing gum is bad for you. Chewing gum all the time makes you grind your teeth, and grinding your teeth is bad for your teeth. Just ask my teeth, or have your teeth ask my teeth.

Here is my idea: Chewing gum with toothpaste in the middle similar to Dentyne Flavor Blast gum.

You would chew the gum for only a minute or two and then spit and rinse. The toothpaste would be Crest or Colgate or one of the other major brands that have sprung up, so you would get the advantages of fluoride and all the other things that they have jazzed toothpaste up with, and because you have toothpaste in your mouth, you won't want to chew the gum for super long, which is what makes you grind your teeth.

If you work for a gum company or for one of the major toothpaste brands, listen up, because this is a win, win situation. The gum company will sell more gum because you chew it for less time. The toothpaste company sell more too via the gum. Moreover, the citizens of the world will have better looking and healthier teeth.

This could even end up helping out other industries, such as the makers of beef jerky. Think about it.

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Robot Nine said...

Have you ever read the back of a package of toothpaste. It goes on and on about not swallowing the stuff- you put it in your mouth for Heaven's sake- and if so, contact a poison control center. I wrote Colgate asking if I should contact my doctor because I have injested some before, and all I got was a stupid form letter saying how safe the product was. I predict as soon as the behaviour Nazis stop all smoking they will start on toothpaste.
Anyway, while the product is here it is a great idea. That's always good, taking an existing product or idea and giving it the ol' Chuck twist.

Henry Horker said...

Forget the ideas. Has anyone commended you on your Photoshop skills lately?

Anonymous said...

I feel like this was a thing when I was a kid. But I always wanted it to be if it wasn't.