Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Springer Town

The world loves Jerry Springer. I love Jerry Springer. His show is a mirror on America that we can all examine ourselves in, shake our heads in disapproval, and pretend that the reflection isn't that, a reflection.

Some sort of twisted narcissism is what keeps us coming back for more, more Springer. We can't get enough Springer.

Here is my idea. Give us more Springer! Give us SPRINGER TOWN!

Someone, maybe one of my billions of readers, needs to produce a show very similar to Kid Nation(click the link if you don't know what Kid Nation is.), but instead of kids, all the contestants would be past Jerry Springer Show guests, a ghost town repopulated by Jerry Springer guests.

Jerry Springer could be the mayor trying to guide them towards harmony and a successful community, just like when he was the mayor of Cincinnati.

There would be a town council and tasks that they would need to accomplish to survive.

The prize each week would be the same as on Kid Nation, a gold star to represent a college fund.

Almost everything would be just like Kid Nation, but to spice things up a little, there would be paint ball guns thrown into the mix. High Noon Springer style! Also, they would be given the tools and knowledge to brew their own beer. Most of them probably already know how to brew crystal meth, so that shouldn't be much of a challenge for them.

I can hear the chant now.

Can you hear it?

Mayor Jerry! Mayor Jerry Mayor Jerry! Mayor Jerry! Mayor Jerry!

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P.P.P.S. Having Taylor from Kid Nation on this show too would not be such a bad idea.


Mike Germon said...

This is a good one Chuck. I'm glad to see that you are back on your game. And just in time, I gave you a shout out in my interview at
I also noticed that you haven't posted anything about your reality/dating show where you have to guess which girl is the stripper. How could you forget about that one?

Anonymous said...

hi chuck.
i just read ur article in investor's digest.
i am the future king of inventors.
my name is Triple B.

two words:

Snakeskin Condoms.

two more words.

Penis Puddy.


Joe Mange said...

This is def a good idea and from what i've seen from his TV personality, I would think Jerry would be down for this. Maybe the contestants could be all new, hand picked by Jerry. I'm sure he would find some people that would trump all others that had ever appeared on his show.

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


Anonymous said...

penis puddy