Monday, June 9, 2008

Internet Newspaper

There is so much stuff on the internet these days, don't you wish that there was some sort of publication that would tell you what to check out?

I think that someone could make some real money by printing a newspaper composed completely of links to websites along with a short review of each website. There would be a large amount of advertising, lots of classified ads, but all devoted to websites. Think Auto Trader with a little more content. It could even be a regional publication. Maybe you could even call it, "Links Trader."

There is so much stuff out there on the internet that you really need help finding the good stuff. Just look at my blog. It is amazing, and yet only six people have actually read it. How many other websites just like mine are out there? Don't answer that.

Seriously, how many times a day do friends send you links to websites, and how many times a day do you actually click on them? Most of the time they just slide by and they are erased when you quit out of iChat or whatever, or sink deeper into your e-mailbox never to be revisited. Print media is still around, still kicking because it has a certain amount of permanence.

Moreover, when and where do people read free publications like, "The Onion" or "Auto Trader"? You got it, at the coffee shop. And we all know that no one goes to the coffee shop in this day and age without bringing their laptop.


Anonymous said...

You mean like these?

Anonymous said...

Anon.. -- I don't see a connection to his post and your comment in any way... Did I miss something??

Portalaranduh said...

Thank you for sharing thiis