Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama Y Bloomberg

Barack Obama should pick Michael Bloomberg as his running mate.

Apparently, there has been some speculation on this already, so unlike most of my ideas it is not completely original or revolutionary, but I have to throw down my two cents on this one. Why? Because I think it's a good idea.

Bloomberg brings to the table undeniable name recognition, a solid record as a fiscal conservative, philanthropist, leader, and administrator. Moreover, he is successful, and has been successful both in the private sector and in his service as Mayor of New York City. His policies and decisions have been forward thinking and no nonsense.

As a financial conservative he can reach out to independents and those moderate republicans who aren't as concerned about going to heaven, as they are about being able to afford go to the Caribbean for vacation. And, there is no doubt where the Jewish supporters that were behind Hillary would place their trust.

The most nebulous pro, but possibly most important, is that Obama and Bloomberg are like to pieces of a puzzle, a puzzle that completed would cancel out anyone's attempts to dismiss their candidacy based on any kind of racial stereotyping. Sure, out and out racists will hate the ticket, but the casual bigot will find themselves in a bind trying to use racial stereotypes to argue against the them.

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Anonymous said...

You are a genius of understatement. Keep going!