Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fresh Chuck Of Bel-Air

People love a good rags to riches story. From Little Orphan Annie to Different Strokes, and all the Brewster's Millions in between, people love hearing about a downtrodden ragamuffins suddenly being lifted out of the gutter and put on a pedestal. Pretty Woman, King Ralph, Cinderella, and the list goes on.

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was a rags to riches story, and a huge hit show, and when Will Smith went back to the well with Pursuit of Happyness, it was an even bigger hit.

I feel like I am beating a dead horse, but I want to make sure we are all on the same page. You get it, right?

Here is the idea. Fresh Chuck Of Bel-Air: a reality show about me being adopted by a super rich family and going to live with them in their mansion, being taught how to be rich etc.

I know what you are thinking, "Chuck, you are a grown ass man. You look like you are homeless. You probably have bad breath. Why would anyone want to adopt you?"

First of all, I don't have bad breath. My oral hygiene is impeccable. Second of all, being a grown ass man has nothing to do with it. People love to see people of all ages stumble into fame and fortune. Third of all, me looking like a homeless person can only help make this show a hit. Just look at My Fair Lady, and don't be so careless as to forget Down And Out In Beverly Hills.

Still not convinced?

Really? Why not?

What you talkin' 'bout Willis?!

Fine! I'll try EVEN harder to see the stars from the gutter.

Look. Almost all reality shows center around this concept already. American Idol, The Apprentice (before they started hiring celebrities), Project Runway, Jersey Shore, all these shows are about getting plucked out of obscurity and being placed on a pedestal and or getting punched in the face. You know what I am saying.

Fresh Chuck Of Bel-Air would be Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air meets Down And Out In Beverly Hills meets Strangers With Candy. I wasn't a teen runaway and I have never really done hard drugs, but it would be funny like that, the part about me being adopted.

Take this show idea and run with it. Find me a rich family, and make it a big hit! Don't forget to give me some of the money you make off of me. I know I will be part of a rich family by then, but they will probably appreciate me pulling my weight none the less.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is a reality show but it would be great if you could wear as many of the Fresh Prince's outfits from the Bel Air show as possible. I think the audience would love to see you in shorteralls and silky tops.

Also I think you need a catch phrase.

Anonymous said...

WAIT! What if Nicole Richie and Pete Wentz adopted you.... this would weave so many tv dynasties together and work on so many levels:

A-her name is Richie and she's rich and some of the shows themes would be similar to Richie Rich

B- America got to know Richie on the inverse of this show The Simple Life, where she went to live with poor people

C- The sexual tension between you two would be off the fucking charts! You wouldn't need a high def TV to see that. Some good ST is more than enough to sustain a show far past it's prime.

D- Once she gets comfortable braiding your beard after season one, maybe you guys can solve mysteries together or something. Like what happened to Jessica Simpson's dog.

If this happens you HAVE to get me some face time with Lional Richie!

adventure grrl said...

This pitch wins! Can I pitch it next week at the pitch meeting I have instead of the pitch that I was going to pitch that completely sucks?

Charles McCarthy said...

Sure. Go ahead. Pitch Pitch Away!