Sunday, June 7, 2009

3-D The Movie

Some people have been calling Seth Rogen the next Tom Hanks, and for a while now I have been pushing the idea that Tom Hanks and Seth Rogen will be in a movie together soon. It just seems like some movie executive's wet dream. I even made a shirt that says, "Untitled Tom Hanks/Seth Rogen Project." This is one movie idea that I think I can really will into existence, especially since it is basically like predicting that it will rain sometime in the next year.

Recently, I started really thinking harder about it and came up with a title and plot for the film. I also decided that the movie should be shot in 3-D because all the movie studios have hard-ons for 3-D because it gives people a reason to actually go to the movies again.

Title: 3-D The Movie
Genre: Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy
Logline: Be Kind Rewind meets The Majestic meets Doc Hollywood.

Synopsis: Party boy Barry Bender (Seth Rogen) is on top of the world until his trust fund's entire stock portfolio tanks and everyone abandons him. He contemplates suicide, but as he climbs out onto the ledge of his lawyer's 54th floor office, he gets a call from Jerry Reynolds (Tom Hanks), his long lost older brother that he never knew he had. Jerry explains that their father just passed away, leaving Barry half of everything he owned.

Barry travels to Bozeman, Montana for his father's funeral and to survey his newly acquired assets. Barry is feeling pretty good until he discovers that all he has inherited is half of a floundering second-run movie theater. With nowhere to go, he decides to stay in town and try to sell his half.

Barry and Jerry clash at first and Barry sticks out like a sore thumb, and wants out as fast as possible until he meets the beautiful, mysterious, and slightly nutty Shali Patel (Freida Pinto). Sparks fly, but she wants nothing to do with his party boy, do nothing lifestyle. He has to change to win her heart.

Eventually, the brothers find common ground in their love of movies and Barry comes up with a whacky plan to turn the theater around. They make every movie they show "3-D" by hiring actors from the community theater including Shali Patel and using kooky DIY special effects - spraying water on the audience during Jaws, shaking the seats during Earthquake, etc.

The "3-D" movies are a hit. People start coming from miles around to see experience their favorite old movies in this new, wacky way. It is such a big hit that a giant movie theater chain comes to town and offers to buy the theater. At first, Barry jumps at the chance to get back to his old life and says yes to selling the theater. Shali overhears him agree to the sale and storms off. Barry realizes that he would rather stay in Bozeman with her than leave. He runs after her, only to discover that she has left town, and that she is the heiress to a hotel chain fortune.

With Jerry's help, he is able to track her down, and the movie ends with him coming out on stage at a charity screening of When Harry Met Sally that Shali is attending in Hollywood. Barry professes his love for her. Jerry meets Meg Ryan, and they instantly click.

The four of them live happily ever after.

Are you ready to write this yet? Are you ready to executive produce it? Are you ready to act in it? Tom? Seth? Doesn't it have "hit" written all over it?

Selling Points:

1. 3-D! The studios love 3-D!

2. Tom Hanks and Seth Rogen get butts in the seats.

3. Using footage from old movies would save money in the production of the film, and also boost DVD sales, rentals, and downloads of those movies.

4. America is F'n jonesing to see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on screen together again.

If you decide to write the script, please give me a writer credit, and if you sell it, please give me some of the money. Actually, try to get some points. I'll take one point.

P.S. I heard that Stephen Hawking subscribes to Ideas By Chuck. Besides being paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, don't you want to be like Stephen Hawking? Subscribe.

P.P.S. Freida Pinto is so hot!

P.P.P.S. Why do Indian women hate me?

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Henry Horker said...

While it's true that Seth Rogen is my arch-nemesis, I must say, I would support this idea. In theory, at least.

Anonymous said...

i've had two middle eastern chicks blow me, one was really cute with giant boobs, the other had a super cute face but was kinda whatevs in the body, but nice lips tho.

Anonymous said...

not to get off topic but what in good gods name is going on with meg ryan's boobs in that picture

Anonymous said...

if you will this into existence I'll know who to blame when Seth Rogen's giant face is on the side of Burger King king sized diet coke

oh man they should put pictures of things that look good wet on the side of those cups so the condinsation works with the picture... much like your 3D movie. But not a fat guys sweaty face

Anonymous said...

does anyone else think that Stephen Hawking is totally faking it?
think about it, how many other modern day physicists can you name?
He's grabbed the spot light because of this mental/physical dichotomy schicht he cooked up.... but more power to him... nice moves Hawking

he's no dummy, he probably gets 20 times as much for speaking engagements cos it's hard for him to speak, is allowed to speak half as long and has a robot do all the talking and people carry him around... easy fuckin money right?

man this guy is smarter than i first suspected his smarts goes way beyond all his quantum gravity mumbo jumbo

Anonymous said...

Exhibit A:

this guys got as much ink on his IMDB as Hanks and Rogan combined AND he doesn't even have to bother learning lines or taking on different characters.... that is other than the character he's got us all fooled with

Anonymous said...

that girl is super hot! even when she's leaning forward to fart like in that picture

you put her in a movie you got yourself covered

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