Monday, June 21, 2010

100 Hours of 100 Jacuzzis

Maybe you are in event planning or promotion, and though you love reading my ideas, you have always thought, "None of this is for me. I plan big concerts and events. I wish with my heart of hearts that Chuck would come up with an amazing idea for an event that I could partner with several large corporate sponsors to pull off, something like Live Aid or The Annual Boy Scouts of America Jamboree."

Today is your lucky day. You have a chance to be the person behind 100 Hours of 100 Jacuzzis: Jacuzzigeddon, the most powerful display of massaging jets of water... ever.

Sounds good, but what the hell is it?

The 100H100J would be exactly what it sounds like, a small town of 100 Jacuzzis forming streets would be constructed in an open field or possibly a giant convention center. Each Jacuzzi could be sponsored by various companies and products, and the whole event would be sponsored and presented by Jacuzzi, Tostitos, and Tecate (JTT but not Jonathan Taylor Thomas). At the center of the Jacuzzi town would be a Jacuzzi filled with cheese dip for dipping Tostitos.

Bands would play, people would mingle, people would relax, people would turn to prunes, and canoodle in and out of the warm massaging jets of the Jacuzzis.

I know you are thinking about that Jacuzzi filled with cheese dip. You want to get in it don't you? You want to get in the cheese dip Jacuzzi don't you? Well, eight lucky people would be chosen to spend the last hour of the event basking in the melted cheesiness of the cheese Jacuzzi.

What's that you say? This is going to take some time to plan?

Well, you have until 2015, the 100th anniversary of the Jacuzzi to put this all together. Also, Hot Tub Time Machine 3: Prehistoric Man Soup will probably be coming out around that time. Tell me they wouldn't want to get on board this Jacuzzi love boat. Go ahead tell me. TELL ME THAT!

That's what I thought...

Don't let this chance to make event history. Be the person to put together the 100H/100J. Be the man, and if you make more than a million dollars off of this event through advertising sales, merchandising, and licensing, please send me some of that money.

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P.P.P.P.S. If you help me become a famous Hollywood actor, I will be able to help you promote this event. I don't really know what you can do to help me with this. Just sayin...


Anonymous said...

I think the Cuzzi of cheese in the center is brilliant cos in case of a mid-event power outage the participants can keep the water bubblin' having eaten cheese for hours on end.

Man powered bubblin'

Anonymous said...

Hosted by Rebecca Gayheart & Matthew Broderick

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