Friday, December 12, 2008

Sundae Bar

Most of you, my millions of readers, would probably be surprised to find out that I have worked for no less than four ice cream franchises in varying capacities. Yes, I have a lot of ice cream experience under my belt.

I worked for Marble Slab as a "scoopstar," painted murals for Petrucci's Ice Cream and Cold Stone Creamery, and worked in marketing/advertising for a small but corrupt ice cream franchise that shall go unnamed. Ice cream is in my blood, and if it's not in my blood, then it is in my fat.

Besides the ice cream industry, I have also worked at several bars and clubs. As with ice cream, my experiences have been varied. From a dive called the Nowhere Bar in Athens, GA to one of the largest clubs in the world, Webster Hall in New York, NY, I have seen it all.

What am I trying to get at?

If there are two things that I know about from hands on, personal experience, they are ice cream and alcohol.

Here is the idea. The combining of alcohol and ice has been severely under explored. If you were to open a bar that served ice cream and alcohol and specialized in the combination of the two, you would have a cash cow on your hands, or all over your hands. Sticky.


People love ice cream. People love alcohol. People love gimmicks. People really love gimmicks when ice cream or alcohol is involved. Just look at Pinkberry and Coldstone or Coyote Ugly and Hooters.

I would call the place either Sundae Bar, The Ice Cream Bar, or Frozen Not Stirred.

Here are a couple of recipes for drinks you can use in your new bar.

The Adriatic - Vodka, Kahlua, Milk, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

WWWonderful - Vodka, Sprite, Cranberry Juice, Sherbet, and Three Cherries.

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Anonymous said...

come GET HARD on

Magic Shell Mondays!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is quite bright and i'll tell you why in the sentences that follow this one you're reading right now.
This would be the perfect bar to have near a collage campus. Most young girls hate the taste alcohol and beer but love getting drunk and acting slutty this is why all cheerleader beers like smirnof ice and mike hard lemonaid exist. This would be the perfect hang out for them and their date rapist d'jour.

Anonymous said...

YES!... drink idea:

Martini with a Big Stick stuck in it.

College girls would love the shit out of this!!! their MO seems to be the less subtle the better so what better than sipping on a Martini and sucking on a big stick popsicle

Anonymous said...

keep in mind you would have to have a lo cal menu with yogurt based drinks the college girls can sip with their friends while they chit chat about what they had to eat that day and how they CAN'T believe it

meegan said...

i think your ideas are great, and the wrecking crew was amazing!!

Anonymous said...

ummm... in Europe they already serve ice cream with liquor at most parlors. Otherwise interesting. Cheers. Erika